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Medical Rule & Facilities

Parent Visiting Rules

Leave Rules

Fee Rules For Boarders

Fee Rules For Dayscholars

Medical Rules and Facilities

  1. The guardian shall have to submit the medical report on a prescribed form which will be issued from the office at the time of admission.
  2. A general medical check up of students is carried out twice a week by a well qualified school doctor. Parents are informed immediately in case any student is transferred to hospital for treatment. In such cases the extra expenditure, if any, incurred will be borne by the parents / guardians.
  3. The school will make all endeavour to provide suitable medical aid in case any ward suffers from mild illness. In case of serious illness the concerned guardian will be informed for further treatment.

Parents Visiting Rules

  1. Children will not be permitted to meet any relative except those whose names are registered with the school authorities by the parents.
  2. No visitor including parents will be allowed to meet the students during school hours.
  3. Guardians are allowed to take their wards on last Sunday of every month from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Leave Rules

  1. Boarders are not allowed to leave the school campus without prior permission. The school authorities will be free to lodge a report with the police if any Boarder is found absent from the school and will inform the guardians also. The school authorities shall not be responsible for any untoward incidents in such cases.
  2. Children will not be permitted to go home during one or two days holidays mentioned in the fixture.
  3. The Parents / Guardians of Boarders must inform well in advance (at least 15 days before) for taking leave on special occasions. Not more than three days will be granted for attending marriage of close relatives provided an invitation card is produced in support of the occasion. No telephonic message will be entertained in such cases.
  4. After holidays the boarders have to join the school at the given date positively otherwise they will be fined Rs.500/= per day. No medical certificate will be entertained.
  5. During holidays, in case any guardian wants his / her ward to accompany some other person or relative he / she will have to send an authority letter with attested signature of the person concerned.